Manfred Lamprecht

Physiologist, Exercise and Medical Scientist

Manfred Lamprecht is the founder and CEO of Green Beat – Institute for Nutrient Research and Sports Nutrition and the company Green Beat Nutrition GmbH.

He earned a PhD in Exercise Physiology and a ScD in Medical Science. He graduated in 2009 with the degree “Venia Docendi” in Physiology at the Medical University of Graz.

His professional career includes positions at the Medical University of Graz, Karl-Franzens University of Graz, and Donau University Krems. Internationally, he has been active in numerous institutions such as the European Nutraceutical Association (CH) and the Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand. In 2013, Manfred Lamprecht founded the “Austrian Society for Sports Nutrition,” which he chaired as the 1st president until 2020.

Lamprecht brings over 30 years of experience as a scientist, university lecturer, and consultant in the fields of redox biology, antioxidants, micronutrients, microbiome, and sports nutrition research. This expertise is supported by more than 100 scientific publications on variety of topics such as oxidative stress, low-grade inflammation, phyto- and micronutrients, plant-based nutrition, pro- and prebiotics, or sports supplements. Lamprecht has also served as the editor of several scientific books (peer-reviewed) and special issues, including “Acute Topics in Sport Nutrition” (2012), “Redox Biology of Exercise” (2012), “Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition” (2014), or “Effects of Plant-Based Nutrition on Ageing” (2023). Additionally, he has acted as a reviewer for more than 20 different scientific (peer-reviewed) journals.

Lamprecht is also the author and editor of a textbook: “Lehrbuch der Sporternährung” (Textbook of Sports Nutrition), which is the only work of its kind to date available in German and is used as a teaching and learning resource at various universities in Austria and Germany.

In recent years, he decided to take on a new challenge: the development of nutritional supplements that improve the function of the Gut-Brain Axis. This led to the creation of the Braingood product line. His work is based on solid clinical and scientific evidence, in line with his philosophy. In addition, traceability to the origin of the ingredients is a significant concern for him in product development. Lamprecht states: “This way I stay true to my principles.”

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