Scientific research based in Austria

We are passionate scientists who have published dozens of peer-reviewed articles on dietary supplements in scientific journals.

But we also keep our eyes and ears open to learn what people need and want, like nutritional products helping them to support gut and brain functions. Therefore, we are enthusiastic to develop effective dietary supplements to support the functions of the gut-brain-axis.

At Green Beat Institute, we take charge because:

a) we have the in-house expertise, and
b) we aim to bring to the market dietary supplements that meet the quality standards we set for ourselves.

Priv.-Doz. Mag. DDr. Manfred Lamprecht

Privatdozent für Physiologie​​

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Green Beat Institute offers research, education, and consulting on health- and performance-enhancing foods, functional food, and dietary supplements.

Research is at the heart of what we do

As scientists we publish our research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and it is crucial to us that our products are effective. We select ingredients for our products that have demonstrated scientifically proven effectiveness in clinical studies. ‘Scientifically proven’ thus means that the effect has been demonstrated in the context of a clinical study which has been published in an international scientific journal subject to peer review*. Therefore, we often include references to the published original literature/journal when commenting on the efficacy of our specific ingredients.

*’Peer-reviewed’ means that the published data has been reviewed by independent experts in the field and meets the highest scientific standards.

New in:


For a better rest and sleep.
With melatonin, griffonia extract and valerian extract


Supports cognitive functions
With polyphenol extract from peppermint, lutein and zeaxanthin from marigold, and zinc


IMMUN is a dietary supplement to support the immune system


BioMe+ is a dietary supplement that contains at least 10 billion microorganisms supporting the gut microbiome. It is proven to help overcome stress and enhance mood.