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Lisa Meixner-Götz BSc MPH

Nutritionist and public health scientist

Traceable back to the origin

As scientists, we uphold the ethical and moral principles of our community and are dedicated to maintaining values such as transparency, traceability, and fairness. These principles are reflected in both our products and business practices. To trace the origins of the ingredients in all our products, you can either scan the QR code on the product packaging or visit our website.

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Discover the origin of our ingredients

Our philosophy is rooted in the commitment to creating premium-quality dietary supplements with emphasis on transparency in both research and production processes. To ensure this, we develop all Braingood products at our independent research center in Graz, Austria. For our products we use strictly ingredients that have successfully undergone the process of clinical research.

Moreover, our ingredients are sourced solely from trusted companies and farmers who align closely with our values. This includes a focus on the finest ingredients and raw materials, meticulous adherence to our procurement principles, and adherence to quality and safety standards that meet the necessary EU criteria.